Jason Smith is a graduate from the University of California, Davis, whose work has been published extensively in both online and print media. His eclectic style ranges from personal essays to investigative reporting, drawing on his own personal travels and experiences.

Jason’s pieces have been translated into multiple languages and published in multiple countries, demonstrating his ability to connect with readers across cultural lines. Jason has multiple projects currently in production after being acquired for film rights.

Jason is heavily involved in the recovery community in Northern California, where he frequently shares his experience, strength, and hope in getting out of the hell that is addiction. He is a frequent speaker at the California Medical Board and California Board of Pharmacy.

Jason is currently the Creative Director of The Real, an online community for people who’ve struggled with addiction, and their loved ones, to tell their stories and share their experiences.

Jason lives in northern California, raising a family with his wife Megan and their two children, Isabella and Jaden.